Are you a comedian in need of a website? I can help.

As a comedian, I know how pressured we are by our managers, our bookers, blogs like Connected Comedy, and our mothers to "enhance our web presence." Give it a rest, mom. But I also know how strapped we are for cash. I've been on a "diet" ever since I started as a working comic. But you need to have a good stand up comedian website. So let me help.

I'm fortunate enough to have developed what other people might refer to as "actual lifeskills" before I decided to tell jokes, and many of those fall into the design field. To help pay the bills I have a company called Vivideas where I do logo design, website design, web development, copywriting, and other stuff. (I'm actually much more successful here than I am telling jokes, unfortunately).

A solid, from-scratch website design will usually start around $1,000 - $1,200+, depending on what type of functionality you want. Well, I realize that's unrealistic for most comics, and I also know what most comics want (and need) in a website. So I've worked out a few "deals" below that I'm only offering to fellow stand ups. If you need something more, let me know. I can help.

When you're ready, shoot an email to sam (at) samuelkillermann (dawt) com to get the ball rolling (don't forget the second N in my last name!).

$400 Option (And The Kitchen Sink)

$300 Option (And Then Some)

$200 Option (Everything You Need)

A Few Universal Notes (Worth Reading)

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